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Fraudulent insurance claim

by Issa

My boyfriend was just shopping around for new car insurance when he learned that his insurance paid a claim for $2500 last April. The problem is that there was never an accident.

His car insurance (Mercury) never notified him so that it could be disputed. How can he clear his record? In the meantime his car insurance has increased. Can he recuperate those additional costs?


Boy, This one is interesting. They have a duty to inform you. They cannot simply pay out because someone made a claim. There is got to be more to this than just that.

An insurance policy is like an asset or your bank account, and insurance companies have a duty to protect it. You can argue with them and report them to the office of the insurance commissioner.

They really stepped over their bounds here. Also, You need to talk to an attorney on this one.

You need to get to the bottom and see what kind of rates were affected because of this accident.

Good Luck

Good Luck
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