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Friend did hit and run in my car, please help

I lend my friend my car. She did a hit and run, and couldn't remember who they were.

My headlights are damaged. What can I do for my filing?

How do I find the other driver and what do I do about that?




Well, this is a rather complicated situation. If you have collision coverage, there might be coverage for this.

The problem for you is that you lend your car to someone that is clearly very negligent (if not criminal). A hit and run is very serious and by involving insurance you may be involving the police. You may have to tall the cops and tell them what transpired as the insurance company may ask to see a police report. If this is the case, the police may cite your friend and put in on his record. The police can help you find out who is the other people your friend hit.

The insurance company may provide coverage, but this will likely get reported to underwriting who will "adjust" your rates accordingly.

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