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Full Coverage with DUI?

by Jessica
(Lexington, KY, US)

I live in KY (no fault state). I wrecked my car while intoxicated on a no fault road. The police said since it was no fault, the wouldn't fill out a accident report, but I was arrested and later given the option to fill out my own accident report. No one else was involved in the wreck (ran my car into a BIG ditch).

Will my full coverage insurance pay for the damage if they find out I was intoxicated? How likely is it they'll find out about the DUI since it won't be in the accident report?

Should I go ahead and tell them, or let it be a don't ask, don't tell situation?


Hello Jessica,

I am sorry to hear about your accident. Although you live in a no fault state, this has no application to your situation. This is a one vehicle accident, and what no fault does it to shield you from liability to third parties (in case you hit someone else).

This will be a question of coverage. Will your insurance pay for a DUI accident? The DUI exclusion must be express in your policy. If that exclusion exist, then it's likely that the claim will not be covered.

If however, there is no such exclusion, there could be coverage for the damages to your car.

The insurance company will request the police report and 99% things like DUI's are noted. If you lie to the insurance company, it can be considered fraud. This is one of those things you do not want to be accused of. Make sure that you are truthful when they ask you about the facts of your accident.

For more information about how to read and interpret an auto insurance policy, please see:

Good Luck,

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