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Gap Insurance Coverage after Allstate denied claim

by Ben
(rhode island)

Hi my stolen vehicle claim was denied, allstate claiming none of the security features were tripped. No charges were filed on me (innocent). Will my gap insurance pay of my loan, if my primary insurance denied the claim. thanks a lot.


Hum... this does not sound right. Why did they denied the claim? No coverage? No payment of premium? They have to give a reason.

The reason this is important it is because gap insurance policies could use as a condition (something required to trigger coverage) the coverage of the auto policy. If there is no auto policy coverage, then it is possible that the Gap insurance language will not be effective.

You want to contact an attorney on your area. The insurance company must do a complete investigation and tell you exactly why they denied the claim. A lawyer can also read your gap insurance coverage and tell you how to proceed.

Good Luck

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Feb 13, 2012
Boxing Gloves
by: Anonymous

Ben, I'm happy to hear you were able to stand up to the playground bully.

Look up "From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves".

Jan 19, 2012
Allstate follow up
by: Anonymous

Allstate ended up paying my claim plus all my attorney and forensic examiner fees 11 months later. I hired an attorney who wiped the floor with them. I also hired my own forensic examiner 3000.00 bucks!

She found the security devices were so badly burned up it would be impossible to tell if the security devices were tripped. Allstate's examiner was clearly on the take! Never going with Allstate again, bunch of thieves!

This is great news! We are delighted for you. Sometimes investing on the proper tools/experts is really the best way to go.

Only thing is not every consumer has those resources.

Good job, and thanks for the update.

Auto Insurance Claim Advice.

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

All I have ever heard of Allstate is never have them and hit someone who also has Allstate cuz you both are screwed. Can't imagine them doing any better when a vehicle just disappears. But perhaps you are an agent who feels they just need to do some positive voice for your company on the off hours

Aug 16, 2011
Uh Huh... right...
by: VoiceOfReason

Im sure, Ben, that you were denied by ALLSTATE based ONLY on security or anti-theft features not being, what did you call it, "tripped"? Why didnt you mention the denial letter that I'd bet the ranch you received in the mail a few days before/after you spoke with your claims rep. And, what are the other circumstances you are conveniently omitting from your little story? Did you not pay your premium on time? Or maybe you forgot to mention that you got caught in some sort of misrepresentation of some sort?

There's more to your shoddy story, Ben. It might have been believable if it was "ABC-generic Insurance" doing the denial. But you're talking about one of the top auto insurers in the country. They are extremely well-versed in good-faith practices, which includes knowing they have to have one hell of a good reason to deny a policy-holder's claim. So, as soon as you wanna come clean with the whole story, you'll probably get more helpful responses than Hector's "go get an attorney" advise (which is shitty in this instance, in my opinion). I guarantee that, as soon as the attorney actually gets the facts of the matter straight, there's not a snowball's chance in the Sahara that you'll actually be represented.

Good Luck with your "claim".

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