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Geico claims denied

by Marcel

The following happened to me. I made a deal to lease a new 2013 Audi. My dealer agreed to buy the car at the payoff owed to Audi financial. Since we ordered the car and it would take six weeks to arrive, we agreed to drive the car till the new car arrived.

In that time the car was clean from any accident. During the waiting time my audi got involved in a accident (side collision ) without any fault.

Now here comes the question. The dealer can no longer offer he payoff since the car was involved in a accident, and it shows on car check. Therefore hey cannot offer any longer he payoff but I'm $9,000 under.

I took the car o carman and he same story $8000 under pay off because it was involved in a site collision. Geico claims that since my car is a lease, I do not have any right to the diminishing value, since I do not have title.


Answer to Geico claims denied

Well, you do have to talk to an attorney about this. Every state varies, but the statement that you are not entitled to Diminish value in a lease may not be entirely true in certain states.

It is critical that you call a local attorney who deals with this type of claim.

Good Luck,
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