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General Auto Insurance Claims

General Auto Insurance Claims policy is one of the many kinds of insurance policies that are issued to consumers.


It is more expensive than liability insurance policy because general auto insurance provides full coverage. Unlike liability insurance, general auto insurance covers for damages to the other party's vehicle and to your vehicle. Included also are coverage for the reparations and/or replacement of damaged property and medical bills incurred by both you and the other party.

Insurance coverages vary in coverage and in rates.

On opposing ends of the insurance coverage spectrum lie the Liability Insurance Policy and the General Auto Insurance Claims policy.

Midway between the two are different insurance packages that have insurance attributes that vary gradually as you move through the coverage spectrum.

With liability insurance coverage, you and your property are without protection. It only covers for the other party's losses. Liability Insurance coverage protects you from being sued by the other party for damages he incurred out from an accident with you.

General auto insurance claims policy, on the other hand, is liability insurance plus other kinds of insurance offered in one single policy.


Most states only require liability insurance, but it is very important that you protect yourself too from damages you incurred from the accident you caused.

Full coverage, as general insurance is often called, provides coverage for the vehicle damage sustained by the cars of both parties. Coverage for medical expenditures is also included in a general insurance policy. Your doctor bills, hospitalization expenses, rehabilitation expenditures and others of similar nature are also covered in a full coverage auto insurance policy along with the medical expenses of the other party.

There are some insurance companies that include compensation for Lost Wages, Lost Time, Thievery and Road & Towing service in the Full Coverage Insurance Claims policies they offer. When an insured accidentally had a flat tire while on the road, he can call for Road Service to help him have a change of tires if he has the said coverage in his auto insurance policy.


For first-time vehicle owners, finding the perfect auto insurance policy can be a hard task. There are a lot of insurance providers that offer competitive premium rates and a wide variety of auto insurance packages.

You can have a liability-based insurance plane, a general-based insurance plan or an insurance plan that is a little bit of both.

Below are tips on how to get cheaper auto insurance policies.

How to Get an Auto Insurance Policy at a Decent Price

  1. Maintain a pristine driving record.
  2. Avoid getting traffic citations, tickets and don't drive when intoxicated.

Insurance providers charge a lower premium to drivers who are considered "low risks" so follow closely the traffic rules set by the state.

Take time to look at the different rates offered by different insurance companies and compare their maximum limits. Choose the one that has a high General Auto Insurance Claims Policy coverage limit but at a relatively cheaper premium price.

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