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Getting different information from each Auto Body Shop

I was stopped at a Red Light and was rear ended Fender Bender.

Every auto repair shop has given me different information!

One shop told me not to file with my own company because there would be a 500 dollar deductable.

I reported accident to both insurance companies.

However I took the first auto shops advise.
The companies adjuster sent a settlement form for about $1000 dollars. The auto shop told me to sign and accept the settlement because the repair was going cost more than $1000 and the insurance company was going to have to increase the settlement anyway. But in the settlements fine print said that the offer was final and could not appeal after accepting the claim!

I went to another shop through my carrier and they gave me a higher estitmate of about $1300 dollars! $300 dollars more. He said not to file against the other parties company because in New York State I would recover the $500 deductable because the accident was not my Fault!

What should I do? Eventhough I might recover the deductable I do not want to put money out of my pocket because of hard times !

Please Help!!!!!!



If this accident is not your fault and you do not want to pay money out of your own pocket, you need to report this to the insurance company of the person that hit you. They will have to pay 100% of the repair, for whatever that is.

For more information about estimates and how to dispute them, please see:

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