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Getting More money after the adjuster sent check

by james

I had an accident about 1 month ago. It was the other drivers fault and I took it to a local auto body shop for repair.

The adjuster from the other persons insurance came to look at the car at the shop and sent a check which I went ahead and cashed. Before I cashed the check I spoke to the adjuster. I asked the adjuster that if I was not satisfied with the amount he came up with could I request more later, after cashing the check.

Anyway, I cashed the check and decided to go ahead with the repair. Well, the repair shop owner and myself had an argument and I took the car back before he ever began the repair.

My question is >>> Is it too late to get 2 more estimates from local shops and see if I can get a little more money from the insurance company?

Originally, there was a question about a large scratch on my rim which the adjuster did not compensate me for, he said that a credit might be issued later on which I never heard anything more about.

Well now I would like to get more money for the rim that got scratched and I want 2 more estimates. Is this something I can do or is it too late?


Well, insurance companies will only pay per their own estimate, unless you actually get the car repair. They give you the cash so you can take it to have it fix. If the repairs are more, the insurance company will talk to your mechanic, ensure that the damages are all related to the accident, and then issue payment for the difference (what they paid you already mines what the repair bill was.

In other words, if you want cash for your damages, you are probably stuck there. Your only option is to go to Small Claims Court to dispute a low amount. The fact that you cash the check does not mean you settled or cannot argue this later (unlike injury claims where checks can have settlement language on the back). Read our section on Small Claims for more information.

Good Luck


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