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Girlfriend totalled my car...

by Axel
(Denton,Tx, U.S.)

I have a vehicle insured in my name, and allowed my girlfriend to use it to pick me up from work.

On the way to pick me up, she hit a telephone pole and totaled the car. She was the only one in the car. She did not sustain any injuries nor was anyone else involved. She had apparently been drinking and was also arrested on a DUI.

Will my full-coverage insurance pay for the car if I gave her my consent to pick me up with the car and I had no knowledge she was intoxicated?

She does not drive it regularly and I told them her driving frequency of my vehicle is less than once a month.

This was a $16,000 vehicle and I have made payments down to $10,700.

Gap insurance is provided by the financier if full-coverage is on the vehicle. This is a terrible mess and I would greatly appreciate any answers.


Hello Axel,

Wow, there maybe some problems here. Don't mean to scare you but you give you the heads up.

Texas may or many not enforce the alcohol language excluding coverage for vehicle accidents where there is evidence of alcohol or drugs. Contact the department of insurance to double check.

Assuming that the fact that she was legally drunk does not exclude coverage, the fact that she had the vehicle available for her regular use (once a month could be considered that) could give the insurance company grounds for exclusion.

For more about total loss, please see:

Good Luck,
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