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Glass Coverage Claim | Questions

by Joey

I just added Glass Coverage to my 1995 Ford and it has a small windshield crack. How long do I have to wait to put in a Claim?

My Ins. went up $159.00 to add a $250.00 deductable --is 30 days long good -- I just want to save some money -- will they drop me if I put a Quick claim in?


Well, you should not make a claim so close to the initiation of your policy period. Your glass claim will only be covered if and if the crack happened during the time you had insurance with them. The insurance company will raise an eyebrow and do a coverage investigation (which can take time).

If you file, and a coverage investigation, can affect your rates. Sometimes it does not. The best thing to do a this time is to get a quote from several carriers to see how you compare to other carriers. If your insurance company is already cheap compared to other carriers, the you should wait. If your insurance rates is a little higher, you probably can file (they will not jack up the price because you are already paying above market price).

A good place to get your quote from several carries at the same time is:

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