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Got hit from the passanger side, not at fault | How much should I ask for?

by Royak
(San Jose)

I got hit from the passenger side and my car was totaled. the insurance people offered 2500 for my 1998 ford and I told them I like to fix it since I was not able to find another car with 2500 to my like.

Now I had to pay about 1000.00 for the bent joint/ rod in my car and my insurance is paying for the my chiropractor assuming they will collect that form the other party' insurance.

I like to write a letter asking for the internal damages to my car that was not visible and also get some money for the pack and neck pain that I have very often. I am being treated by the chiropractor but my schedule does not let me visit him as often as possible. how much should I ask for?


Hello Royak,

Well, you need to ask for what you believe your damages are. I really cannot tell you as I have no idea what your medical records say.

I have posted lengthy information here on how to settle an injury claim and what people can ask for pain and suffering.

Read those pages.

Also, consider talk to an attorney (see the form below)

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Good Luck,
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