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Got T-boned By a Driver who was speeding through a crossroad.

by Brittany

Ok, so yesterday I was at a 4-way section, I was stopped at the stop sign waiting to go straight, I looked both ways and waited for the car on the right side to turn, Then went straight, well out of no-were this car t-boned me on the driver side (had to be speeding) because she literally came out of no-were!

Well after 3 hours of being ignored by the police. He finally comes over, doesn’t ask my side of the story, doesn’t ask if me or the other two passengers are ok, just hands me the ticket (failure to yield right of way) and basically just laughs the situation off.

The only thing I am trying to figure out is if i go to court and bring up the fact that the girl had to be speeding and made no attempt to slow down or stop.

Would any odds be in my favor at all?

Answer to Got T-boned By a Driver who was speeding through a crossroad

Well, your issue is that she was to your right, so she had the right of way.

Your issue is that your state is a Modified comparative fault, with a 51% bar of recovery. This means that if you are 51% or more, then your recover could be barred. In other words, you would be looking at showing the other driver 51% at fault or more, which would be hard to do.

See more about fault in car accidents.

Good luck,

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