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Guilty party has expired insurance and I do not have their phone number...

by Jeremy
(Lakewood, CA)

My girlfriend got rear-ended last week. She got the other person's insurance policy information and VIN#. She forgot to get the other person's cell phone number.

She called the insurance company but the policy had expired. She contacted the police to file a report but they said they couldn't help her. What to do now? (We live in California)

Information we have:

Old insurance policy#
Driver's name and DL# (if not made up)


Answer to: Guilty party has expired insurance and I do not have their phone number...?

Hello Jeremy,

Why can the police not help? She can at least file a walk in report.

At this point, she will have to contact her own insurance company to see if they can find this person.

Some insurance companies will help with this, some will not. Give that a try.

The other option is to see if the insurance company that says that there is no coverage will actually give you their information (sometimes they will).

Good Luck,
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