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Guy on Bike ran into my car while I was trying to pull into traffic

by Eddy

I was stopped at a stop sign waiting for traffic to clear so that I could make a right turn. I then pulled forward to make sure traffic was clear so I could make my right turn. Within 15 seconds I was hit by this guy riding his bike on the sidewalk on my right passenger door.

I went out to check on him and asked him what happened. He informed me that he didn't have brakes on his bike.

I asked if he like me to call an ambulance, he said no, but someone who saw the accident did.

The police came and filed a report and said that I wasn't at fault and I did not receive a ticket. My insurance company just called me to tell me that this guy is trying to get his medical costs paid by my insurance since he didn't have any.

Will my insurance go up because of this claim, even though I wasn't ticketed, and the police officer told me it wasn't my fault and the witness behind me had stated that I had stopped?


Hello Eddy,

You have an interesting set of facts (insurance whys).

The question will be centered on whether or not this person is considered a "pedestrian." Look at the definition of the policy and see if there is coverage under your pip section for pedestrian or people on bikes. Here is a link to learn how to read a policy:

If this person is defined as an insured (which most pedestrians are), the that person could be entitled to benefits, despite the fact that you are not at fault.

If the insurance company pays for benefits, then it's possible that your policy rates will go up.

Good Luck,
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