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Hail damage

by E.J.

I have had hail damage to my car and I am in the process of gathering estimates for the damgage. I saw at one of the places that I received an estimate that I only have to provide my insurance company with 1 estimate.

I know they tell you to gather about 3. By law, how many do I have to provide my insurance company?


Hello E.J.

There is no law in how many estimates you have to present. The insurance company does not have to take any at all. They can do their own estimate and go off that one.

Common practice is to get three, but there is no law about it. You can get 2 or even 1. Or you can let them deal with it. You do have to allow the to inspect the car prior fixing it if they like to see it.

Basically, you want to appear "reasonable." Three estimates do that. You want to show that you did not run to the most expensive place so they pay a lot in your claim. But you can show that you reasonable in 1 estimate, as long as the estimate is not super high or anything like that.

Good Luck,

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