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Half appraisal on claim

by Nelly
(chelsea, ma)

We have a claim for vandalism because our car was scratch, even when we took a picture for the first time insurance and it was in good condition, the only note on their report was scratches in left rear side. of course there were only two little ones, but the rest of the car was ok.

we did the report and the person that does appraisal check the car and give the paper for the appraisal. taking out deductible and stuff they add as old damages to get us rid of money. from a 1003 dlls they leave a 341 dlls. We contact them for a supplement but the auto body did not notice something wrong so there was no choice for supplement. I talk to de claimer and appraisal so if they could help in other way i'll appreciate, because they know their rules, maybe with the hours on labor, paint and material. so they said NO!!!!


then i start checking the papers from the appraisal, and i notice that all the time it say LT, so i call back and ask, what means LT?, does that mean left?, they said yes.

So I say to the claimer that all the papers have only left side, not the right, she told me that i should said that before and i have to contact the appraisal men.

then i call him, he said to call the claimer and ask for a new claim number, because the case claim was only on the left side(OF COUSE THE CLAIM WAS THE WHOLE CARE SCRATCHED)(He probably said that to avoid responsability). so I call back to the lady, for so long the line was busy. When she finaly answer she told me to call back the apprasal men, so i explain to her, that i do not want to be sent from one place to another, i need a solution. Then she said that she talk to the appraisal and that i shoul call him for supplemental(I guess they were talking how to play dirty again). Then here we go again calling the appraisal men, then he said the auto body should call me, and i said that i was at the auto body, here is a person that works in the auto body, so they talk and i think today aug-26-09 are going to do appraisal for the other side of the car.

Why the appraisal did this if at the end of the paper said that he sworn under penalty and perjury for that report. And he just did appraisal for half of the car?

The other thing is that in the paper give 6 days to repair, and the hours they pay for are 11.2 for body labor, 10.1 for paint labor and 10.1 paint supplies. there hare only about 30 hrs, while 6 days are 140 hours.

How can i trust in a insurance that for something easy as vandalism give so much troubble, it is not my fault. How they going to work when... if a have an accident and it is my fault? I do not know what to do, please i need advice. ASAP!!!!




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Sounds like you have a dispute over what is vandalism, what is prior damage, and what should be included on this claim. You need to have your mechanic/ bodyshop talk to you insurance company regarding all damages and what is covered and what is not. Your mechanic can help you decipher all the codes.

If this does not work, contact the department of insurance of your state and ask how to proceed or if you need to file a complaint then do so.

Thank you

Good Luck,

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