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Help with this car accident

by Lisa

I was involved in a small accident. My car swerved to the side on a very bad snow day.

I was going very slow but the car swerved on an ice patch to the side slowly and slightly hit the car on the lane next to me, there were nothing but small scratches however the car behind the car I swerved into hit the car in the back and also caused small scratches.

The person choose not to file a police report because of how minor the accident was, no one was hurt and nothing was broken. I did however exchange phone numbers with the gentleman in case anything but nothing else.

He doesn't have my insurance information but now a week after the accident he calls me and says he wants me to pay $300 to get his bumper repaired.

The damage was very minor, I feel like if he thought this damage was so big he should have reported it the day it happened rather then wait a week, seems to me like he just wants to get money. Now my concern is can he file any sort of claim with no police report or insurance information?


Yes, you can file a claim. You can explain the situation and the reason why you did not file as it appeared that there was no actual damages to any vehicle. Most insurance companies understand.

It is possible that the person is out to get money. Or it also could be that to repair a bumper will cost him that much. Repairing vehicles now days can be expensive.

In either scenario, you should probably have your insurance company handle the matter. They will either inspect his car or have a mechanic do it.

This way, the insurance company will make sure they are paying for whatever damage you caused and nothing else. Not having a police report will not necessarily put you in a bad situation.

Good Luck,

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