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her insurance says they wont cover car but only medical we both only have liability

by LMC
(Lake county Ohio)

If a friend drove my car with my permission and totaled car and there were injuries to 3 people. and I only have liability insurance in Arizona but was in Ohio with my car when accident occurred.

My friend that was driving my car only has liability insurance in Ohio. will my car be covered by who's insurance and medical. my friends insurance said they'd pay for medical but not car. why wouldn't that be considered the other car to her insurance co.


Hello LMC,

Coverage to your vehicle is considered First Party coverage. First party coverage only applies when you have collision coverage. Since you did not have collision coverage, then there is no First party coverage.

Then, the policy of the driver will apply, If they have first party coverage, but in this case, they don't. So damages to your car are not covered as there is no first party coverage anywhere for your car.

The lesson is that you must unsure the person driving has collision coverage OR better yet, carry this coverage so you know you are covered.

Good Luck,
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