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Hit and run and not sure how to proceed

by Kayla

I am out of the country and my car was parked outside of my sister's house yesterday and someone ran into it and cause a fair bit of damage, from the pictures I am told it could cost me a straight 1500. I have insurance and the deductible is 500 so one would think it is best to go through my insurance.

However, I called and they said because my car was hit by another car that now this is going to go under collision which in turn will cause my insurance to go through the roof.

I don't understand why it wouldn't go under comprehensive it makes absolutely no sense especially considering the accident was of no fault of my own. Please help!

Also I am with 21st Century Insurance.

Answer to Hit and run and not sure how to proceed:

Hello Kayla,

A collision is defined as the impact between two objects, regardless of fault. Your vehicle was hit by an object (another car).

Comprehensive if for acts of god (hail damage, etc.) flooding, fire, theft, etc.

See our section on collision here:

The fact that it was not your fault is important as it may not affect your rates, but it does not affect the coverage given to your damages.

Good Luck,
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