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Hit and run car accident

by Cindy

I have the name and cell phone number of a person who hit my car. His cousin fessed up and gave me the info.

I called him and he agreed to pay without insurance being involved. Its been about 4 weeks and no contact. How can I find out any insurance information?


Hi Cindy,

You are in a difficult situation. At this point, you should call the police and have them try to find out the insurance information. Go to the closest police station and explain your situation. Usually the police will either go to the home and talk to them and try to get the information or at least give them a call.

You can file a claim with your own insurance company. They usually have data bases where everyone that has insurance is registered. They could look it up. (note, not all states have this, but it is worth a shot in your case).

The last resort, depending on how much damage you have is to go to small claims court. This cost some money, but you can get them to come to court and explain (give the information to the judge).

Good Luck,

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