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HIt and run coverage - I am covered?

by Mike

My car was parked in a parking lot and pretty much totaled.

I filed a police report but the police officer said that it was impossible that there was a hit and run and she wrote that in the report.

There is no other way my car was hurt and i made a claim.

I need to know how heavily the police report will weigh on my insurance company to decide fault.

It was weird because there was no clear evidence (car parts on the ground) of an accident but the car is recked in back and front.


Well Mike,

It is going to depend. What coverages do you have? Are you looking to your Uninsured property damage coverage or your collision coverage.

The reason why this matter is because usually the Uninsured deductible is lower. By claiming that there is an uninsured property damage, you are asking for a lower deductible.

This usually raises the "suspicion" of the insurance company when it is possible that the accident actually happened in a collision and not a hit and run.

There are too many statistics of this type of thing being fraudulent that the insurance company will think this is fishy.

How much weight to the police report? Well, they will probably want to see the car and talk to the police officer. The report will probably raise their suspicion.

If you have something to gain by having the accident be a Uninsured Property Damage Claim, then you can be dealing with a Special Unit Investigator (A fraud adjuster).

What is this mean? Only that the insurance company will be looking at your claim a little closer, nothing more. If the accident happened in front of your house, then you have nothing to hide.

It is also possible that the insurance company do not see the report, but they will likely ask for it. Also, it is possible that they try to find witness to the accident, which would help your claim.

I hope this clears up some confusion.

Good Luck

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