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hit and run damages no sign of perpetrator

by Matt

I was in an accident a few weeks ago, my car fish tailed and apparently hit something.

I did not feel it but I heard a pop sound pulled over but didnt see any damage in my mirror so I assumed it was my struts popping from the sharp turning.

when i got home I realized their was damage to the rear passenger side. I drove back to the area of the incident but no vehicles were around and I didn't see any damage on any property near by.

I do remember a vehicle parked on the side of the street but it was gone when I went back.

I called my insurance and reported an accident. I also called the police but since I had no license plate of another car or a report of personal injury they could do nothing. my car is now waiting to be repaired but I am afraid I may be reported as a hit and run.

I dont know what else to do but wait.

Is their some way the police can track claims through the insurance to find a hit and run perpetrator?

I am very worried but I did all I can think of after I realized my car hit something.


Hey may,

Sorry to hear this. Sounds like you are probably 100% covered. You called the insurance company and called the police, this is usually enough. One extra step I would take is to go to the closest police station. There you can request a "walk in" police report.

They will give you a form and you can write what you told me. You give it to them and keep a copy for your records.

Can the police look at insurance records? Probably not. The insurance company represents you and they have a duty to you, they are pretty hard press in releasing any of your personal or claim history to anyone without your consent or a court order. But again, states do different things and yours might allow the police to see this records.

Usually nothing happens, but if anything comes up, you have a police report showing that you did report it and would protect you for getting a ticket or anything of that sort.

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