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Hit and run | How to deal with this situation?

by Kathleen
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

I work as a loss prevention officer. I observed a woman pushing a cart out of the store with what appeared to be unpaid for merchandise. I left out of the store to ask the customer if she had a receipt.

The customer was putting the merchandise in the car when I approached her. I asked to see her receipt she stated no pushed me away and got into her car. I walked to the rear driver’s side to obtain the license plate number for my report.

The woman started the car backed back in hit me and I fell to the ground. I was not seriously injured, but did sustained injury to my leg and was in pain for about a week.

The doctor said it was soft tissue swelling but nothing broken.

The accident took place in Wisconsin, but the car ad Minnesota license plates. A couple on the lot retrieved the plate number but I did not get their names. I reported the accident to the police. Can I file a lawsuit?


Hello Kathleen,

Well, yes, you can ALWAYS file a lawsuit. The questions is, do you have a cause of action for your injury?

You probably do and you have couple of defendants. You do need to talk to a lawyer so you can establish the best cause of action.

You have a claim against the person that hit you! You can make a claim against them even if you do not know who they are. You can talk to a lawyer and they can help you come up with a lawsuit against “john doe or jane doe.”

You also have a workers compensation claim. Your injury was likely within the “scope of your employment” and thus, your employer will have provide coverage for you, at least your medical bills.

Also, this was a car accident (technically). Your own auto policy will probably provide coverage for you under the Personal Injury Protection coverage. Also if the other party cannot be found (the person that hit you), you could have an uninsured motorist claim against your own insurance company.

Again, you want to talk to a local attorney. Please see:

For more on personal injury claims, please see:

Good Luck,

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