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Hit and Run - No Collision Insurance

by Rachel
(Shreveport, LA)

My mother's vehicle was hit in a hit and run accident. She was able to get the license plate, but has not heard anything from the police department yet as to if they have located the driver or if the driver even has insurance.

My mother contacted her insurance company and they stated they would not cover the repairs because they did not have collision coverage.

So my questions is what is uninsured motorist coverage for?


Hello Rachel,

If you mother has uninsured motorist coverage, there should be coverage for this. Usually, the insurance company will want to see confirmation that either this person did not have insurance, there is insurance but there is no coverage, or the persona cannot be located. Filing a police report is usually required (which sounds like she did).

At any rate, she needs to contact her insurance company and ask them to apply that coverage. They will start an investigation at that time.

For more about Uninsured Motorist Coverage, see our pages about that.

Good Luck,
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