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Hit and run | will premium go up?

by Jackie

I have some light body damage on my car and the insurance is full

I went to a auto body shop and the estimation were like a $1000 but the guy told me that i should call the insurance company and tell then that it was a hit and run accident so that they will repair it without me spending much money.

So my question if i can the insurance company for the claim will they increase my premium and will be it on my insurance record. even if i tell them is a hit and run.

the car was parked in a parking lot so witness. i am currently with AAA insurance company thanks"


Hello Jackie,

Chances are that your insurance company will raise your premium. Usually they do this because your claim shows that you are more "prone" to be in an accident and therefore you are a higher risk. How much it will increase is a different question. It depends on your claim record, your state, your credit score, and what AAA does.

The fact the it was a hit and run will affect your rate, just not as much if you were at fault.

I hope this helps you make a decision.

Good Luck,

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