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Hit by a car fleeing police

by Brad
(Vadnais Heights, MN, USA)

Smashed up

Smashed up

I was stopped at a four-way intersection. The other car was fleeing police, running the intersection, colliding with my car before continuing on the attempted escape. He was caught, and just now am I getting information.

He was driving an Avis rental car. I only have liability insurance, no comprehensive as the car is only worth 3500 dollars. I was told to file claims both with my own insurance company and with the rental car company.

Is this correct? What are my options?


Hello Brad,

The good news, at least, is that you are okay. Well, yes, you need to report to the your insurance company in case you need their assistance, but, really, without full coverage (collision and comprehensive), they will not protect you.

The rental car company will have insurance on the car, but depending on how this rented this car, either he had full coverage on with his own insurance company or he might of sign for extra insurance with Avis. This will determine who has to pay you. There are other caveats, like there might not be coverage for his actions, in which case you may only have an action against the driver.

Contact the rental company and see what kind of information they give you or ask you insurance to help you with that.

We hope this helps,

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