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Hit by police detectives car and injury

While parked at stop light my daughter was hit from behind by an unmarked police vehicle.

Inside my daughters car were her two small children. Although no one was immediately injured my daughter was very sore the next day.

Her vehicle suffered nominal damage. My question is what happens if the children later a medical problem as a result from the impact of the collision?



Well, the children would have a valid injury claim and would also have to follow the same steps to show damages. Please see:

Technically speaking, the children have at least until they reach the age maturity (and some time after, in most states 3 years) to make a claim. However, if the children cannot not show any medical evidence of an injury (medical treatment), it's very possible that the claim fail.

In addition, simply because the claim would be against a government official, you might have to follow an administrative proceeding (give them notice before filing). You need to check with an attorney for that.

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