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Hit from the side after stopping at stop sign.

by Mikey
(Houma, LA, United States )

Okay, so I recently got into a wreck and I didn't have any insurance at the time. I had come to a complete stop at a stop sign. I was trying to cross a road where there was free moving traffic. When I took off from the stop sign, this truck slammed me on my back driver side of the vehicle.

We both drove to a secure spot after the crash and I talked to the guy to make sure he was alright, and he was fine.

We didn't call the police cause we didn't feel the need too.

I didn't mention that I didn't have insurance though. We switched name and number and he hasn't called me yet. I heard that if someone hits you behind your driver side door from the side, that it's their fault.

I was wondering if this is true, because if so, then he would be at fault. I need to know this because I don't really care about the damage to my vehicle cause I'm about to buy something new but if he wants to if his damage I wouldn't mind paying half of the bill if it was his fault due to me not being insured.

Answer to: Hit from the side after stopping at stop sign?

Hello Mikey,

That's incorrect. The point of impact has nothing to do with who is or is not at fault. Everything depends on the duties each driver had. You had a stop sign, thus you had to stop and only proceed when it was safe to do so. The collision shows that you failed on that duty.

The point of impact shows that you were in the intersection, but again, you should not have been there.

Having no insurance will require that you deal with him and his insurance company directly. If or when he contacts you, you may want to consult with an attorney.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,
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