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Hit going through intersection with yellow light my way | Fault?

by Tom
(Overland Park, Kansas)

My wife was hit on the passengers side of her car by a person turning into the intersection and came over to far into her lane.

She was going through the intersection on a yellow light.

The driver of the car that hit her was ticketed, but his insurance only wants to pay 70% of clam because she was going through on a yellow light!


Hello Tom,

This type of dispute is difficult. It's a word v. word situation where you could end up having an adverse decision. Yellow lights mean caution, but there is still a right of way granted. In many jurisdiction, the yellow light puts liability on the driver, but does not make them 100% at fault.

You can dispute this by showing better evidence (a witness) or something to that effect where you can show your wife had a green light or a established right of way.

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