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Hit in the parking lot, Driver denies damages, What now?

I park my car in front of a store when I finish with my purchase walking towards my car a pick up truck hit may car, I scream to the driver because he was driving away he claim that he didn't notice that he have hit may car. I show him the damage in the door and he gave me his insurance number the model of the car, the plate number.

I took one picture of this incident but it was from my car. I called the insurance company explain what happen, and they said that they will need to speak to the other person in the claim. What this person did is that he denied that he have damage my car. they called me and they make to record the event and they said that I need to take pictures I told them that It was better to sent somebody to take a look at the car a professional in this kind odd cases.

They sent the adjuster show him where the car has been hit. He gave me appraisal for the damage and he said that they will send a check in 3 days to fix my car. Today I receive a call from the geico company which is my company and from the individual who hit my car saying that they will not paid for any damage in my car ... I don't understand why they said that they will paid and then refuse with the only excuse that they didn't see anything scratches in the other car.. My car is a Honda sonata what should I do.



Contact your own insurance company. They must investigate and try to come to an agreement with his insurance company. If they can't agree, they will likely go to a third party binding arbitration. A neutral third party will make the decision.

That is the process when there are disputes as to how it happens.

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Nov 23, 2011
Exactly same case an dsame insurance company
by: Anonymous

Geico person admitted hitting my car and gave me the insurance information. He then denied it to his insurance company and they have denied the insurance coverage.

Will call my insurance company, I guess.

Looks like its a pattern with Geico.

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