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Hit leased BMW

by Chris

The other night I was at my daughter's friends house and I had my Durango parked in their driveway. Another gentleman parked behind me (but not directly) with his leased BMW.

As I was leaving the driveway at night, I accidentally scraped along side his car & scratched the drivers handle as well as the driver side back door. Are we able to settle this with out notifying the insurance company even though it is a lease? Our truck is not leased.

We don't want our insurance company to drop us because back in July my husband accidentally backed into a lady while we were leaving a parking lot. Because we have had 2 incidences within 2 months, we fear our insurance will no longer cover us. Therefore we would like to pay for the other guys damages out of pocket. ?


Hello Chris,

You can settle the damages with the other party directly. Just be sure that you have some sort of written agreement for this!

Insurance usually gets involve if you want them to pay the damages for you. Clearly you want to pay for yourself. If the other party agrees to have the car fix at a certain rate, that is no problem.

Good Luck,
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