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Hospital lien | 45 days waiting and nothing!

by carlos

This is my question in November 20th I was hit by a car and I was fracture in my fibula bone,

I been trying to settle my case on my own working on a fair settlement with the insurance they review my case after seen my medical records from the day I was hit by the car, But here is the thing when the ambulance took me to the hospital I was on emergency they ask me if i didn't have any insurance and I told them no I didn't have any so they put me in this program for people with no insurance or low income

in the hospital they told me I wasn't gonna be charge for anything it is a service they give in the county of Alameda this is here in California and the zip code its 94706 but the insurance ask me if there was any lien from hospital and

I told them no i haven't receive any bills since the day of my accident so the insurance send a letter in January 13th to the Department of Health Care Services Overpayment & Injury Section here in Sacramento to see if there is any liens and they cant make any kind of payment till they receive an answer from the Department of health care so my question is this has been 45 days and no answer

I'm running out of money and since I lost my job I don't know what to do i tried calling to the Department of health but no answer is there anything I can do ???

Thanks in advance


Hello Carlos,

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If a lawyer cannot help you, contact the California Department of Insurance (or the equivalent of the insurance commissioner) and ask for more help.

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