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Hospital lien | What to do here?

by Carlos

I was hit by a car in 11/20/09 so pretty much has been down hill for me not able to work because of my injure my fibula was fracture during my accident.

I was took to the hospital i didn't stay there for more than 8 hours and because i didn't have insurance the hospital told me.

I could talk to financial conseuler so they put in this program name County Medical Services Program (CMSP) because of my low income not been able to afford insurance i was told I wasn't gonna pay anything during my time in the hospital and the only thing i was charge for the ambulance bill that was about $1500.

I called to the insurance so I could start working on my settlement but the insurance has been playing stupid they told me they couldn't make any kind of payment till they receive an answer from medi-cal to see if there is any medical lien this is here in California.

I contacted the Department of insurance to see if they can speed up things is there anything I can do in this matter?


Hello Carlos,

You need to talk to an attorney. Broken bones can lead to a substantial settlement. I would encourage you to see about how much you would get (not to mention that the insurance company would stop playing games with you).

Good Luck,

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