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How can I find which state AAA insurance covers my boat after tsunami

by Patricia
(Marysville, Ca)

I have a no contact order and separated from my husband A tsunami hit Oregon coast and damaged the boat.

I heard he has filed a claim with AAA. We both are on the title and I have proof I paid for the boat before our separation.

How can I find out a number for the claims dept. Our house is in CA and the boat is Oregon. Can he cash the check since I am on the title?


Hello Patricia,

You need to contact AAA. Do a search online. If that fails, talk to your agent. If this is your boat, then they should talk to you.

The question will be "who is in the insurance policy." The insurance company has a duty to the policy holder, and if you are not in the policy, they could argue that they have no duty to you, and thus protection of your legal rights are not their duty. This argument could or could not be successful, depending on your state law (Oregon or California, or both).

Can he cash the check? If given to him, well yes. If give to the both of you, he can cash if you still have joint accounts.

Contact a lawyer for more information.

Good Luck,
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