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How do I get my car fixed?

I hit a car that made an illegal left turn in front of me on the service road of hwy 67. A man was driving at the time however a lady got out and handed a name and phone # and got in her car and left. I got her license # and called the police. my truck was undriveable.

The police said the car had insurance and gave me the information. When I call to file a claim I was informed the car had been reported stolen the day after the accident. Help how do I get my car fixed?



Your are following the proper procedure. You need to file a claim with both insurance companies (yours and hers).

An investigation will have to be done, and if she is at fault for the accidents, your damages should be paid by her insurance.

If they are talking too long, then your insurance company should step in and pay your damages.

The fact that the vehicle was stolen the day after will have no effect over your claim. Only that it does seem to raise a red flag. Was the car really stolen or was this a covered up to not pay for your accident.

At any rate, talk to an attorney.

Good Luck,
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