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how do i locate this specific auto insurance company (us auto ins co)

I was in a wreck and on the police report the only information listed was this name that I cannot find an agent or phone number or web site:


Boy, this one is a hard one. We did some looking around and the only thing we think it happened is that sometimes police officers write the name of the agency that writes the policy and not the actual insurance company.

Try a search in your area for an insurance agency with that name, you will probably find an agent or agency that can tell you what is the actual insurance company. We know you mentioned that you have tried that but looking far an agency could give you what you are looking for. The other think you can do is call your own insurance company, they will have a list of carriers and they can help you file the claim. We are unaware actual insurance company with that name.

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Sep 22, 2007
Go to the police station
by: Casey

We hate this type of situation. Police officers do not respond to many accidents and you are supposed to get all the information from the other driver. You can be put in a very "bad" spot.

Ok, I believe you should go in to the closest police station (closest to the scene). If you called the police, then go to that one. Go in and ask for a walk in report. Fill it out with all details and list the other driver as not having insurance.

Then ask to speak with a supervisor of someone that you can discuss the situation with. Do not let them tell that there is no one available or to that they do not do this. Just tell them this is a very serious matter and you need to speak to an officer. They will either contact later or some will speak to you.

Tell the officer exactly what happen and that you believe this person is driving without insurance and giving you false information. You need to get their information to file a claim and get your car fixed. Officers many times will drive to the other persons house (you send a letter so you must have their address) and they will get what you need. Ask the officer to get the number of the carrier becuase what she gave you was not working.

You can file against your own insurance company and let them deal with her directly. You can also hire an attorney, but they will probably want a file walk in report.

Good Luck.

Sep 22, 2007
Other party refuses to give insurance info.
by: Anonymous

I have called and sent letter to the at fault party for their insurance infomation. she will not respond. What's next? have a lawyer to subpeonaed her?

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