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How do you dertermine who pays for the accident if you dont know who was at fault?

by Meredith
(Riverside, CA)

other persons car

other persons car

I and another woman were backing out of a parking space in a shopping mall and we both hit each others vehicle.

We both did not see each other and dont know who is at fault and how to go about filing a claim. What should I do and how is this determined?


Hello Meredith,

Fault could be 50 - 50. Both drivers have a duty to look before they back out. Most likely they are both at fault. Please see our notes on how fault is determined here.

You should file a claim with your own insurance company, she will have to do the same. Both insurance companies will do an investigation and will try to settle the matter. If they cannot, then they will have to go to arbitration.

Good Luck,
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Sep 25, 2011
Three car wreck
by: Anonymous

Sitting at red light I got rear ended by a car behind who rear ended her a drunk driver with no insurance he total his vehicle. Which total the second vehicle by damaging the frame maybe. My car was hit on the back n side of the gas take real ugly cracks. I drove the vehicle home it wont really go the engine light is on. Not sure wats going on. I have full coverage no uninsured motorist collision. The officer told me to file on my insurane although this lady was not at fault still close behind me isnt she responsible.

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