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How long can at fault accident without insurance hold against you?

by Mary
(Hendersonville, NC, USA)

My sister had a accident in 2001 and she was at fault. She didn't have any insurance and the total amount she needed to pay is $32,000.

She is in prison now and will be out in November 2010. She needs to get her life started again and it's hard to depend on other people. How long can they hold this against her? Is there anyone she can write to try to get a restricted license?


Hello Mary,

Well, they can hold this forever so long as they have a judgment. Judgments can be "renewed" with a court. It depends on her circumstances. She will have to talk to a lawyer to get a correct answer for this.

She can write if she wants, but again, the department of licensing does not have to give her a license if she has something against her record. Again, you do need to talk to an attorney on this.

Good Luck,
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Spokane Washington

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