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How long do I have to file small claim if person agrees to pay then doesn't

by Laura
(Flint, MI)

My car was parked downtown woman was trying to parallel park in front of my car her bumper got caught on mine she did 3000.00 in damage she left a note on my van with name and number then left seen.

I filed police report. I contacted her like she invited me to. and said she will pay me.

How long do I give her before filing small claims? I have note she left, pictures and 2 estimates, and police report what should i do?


Hello Laura,

Well, you need to check what the statute of limitations in Michigan is. You can file anytime so long as the statute is not past.

You can give her those estimates and she if she pays you. If not, file a claim with your and her insurance company.

Good Luck,
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