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How long is too late to start treating after an accident?

by jk

I was involved in an accident. The other driver was at fault. My wife and daughter were not injured and did not receive treatment.

My vehicle was totaled. I was soar for a few days and did not seek medical care. After three weeks the pain and loss of motion continued to get worse, I went to a chiropractor who was also with an M.D. and a do

I received what I considered to be good care and felt much better after several weeks of chiropractic care.

Does waiting that long a time to get medical treatment create a problem? Will the other insurance cover my medical costs?

Can I file a claim against my insurance for the cost of the medical care?


Hello JK,

I am sorry to learn about your situation. Waiting too long can create an issue. The insurance company will ask why you waited and will try to attribute this to other reasons (you were not injured in the accident but in some other occurrence). It can be a little tricky. However, 3 weeks is not a long time (some people wait to see how they feel for a couple of weeks and then they go in).

Sounds like you have already seen someone. Chiropractic treatment counts as medical treatment so you should present those documents.

If you have PIP or Medical Payments, your insurance company should pay for those bills as long as you can show that they were only related to the accident. Usually doctors do that for you when they write the original report (so and so came in today due to complications because of a car accident).

I hope this helps,
Good Luck


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