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How many claims can you file in a year without being penalized

by Renee

In December I was hit from behind I filed the claim through my insurance and had my insurance company seek reimbursement from the insurance company of the person who hit me.

This week I hit a pole. The damage is minimal but if I file a claim with my insurance company will this cause my rates to increase or possible cancellation.

I have not filed any other claims with my insurance company since 1996.


Hi Renee,

Well, insurance companies are different on this. They will increase your premium but cannot cancel you just because. They must show that your accident supports the fact that you are too much of risk.

The general rule is 3 claims in a 12 month period is a little too much. However, they look at things like if the accidents were your fault, if there is alcohol (or indication of), and if it was a very inattentive driver accident (hitting the pole might be).

They don't only look at how many claims, but how bad were they. Two claims, you are probably ok if they were not very much and you were not at fault in the firs accident (not even 1%).

Good Luck,

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