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How much is TOO much | Injury Claim Settlement

by Agril

I was in an accident on sept 21 I was on my way to college for my finals a lady pulled out and struck me on my drivers side door she was trying to avoid the traffic coming from the other direction.

I went to the ER I have been more than faithful to my doctor visits but I have still not healed seeing a chiropractor three times a week plus now a new specialist because I am not healing MRIs and physical therapy it is crazy.

I don't want to hire a lawyer because I am going to settle this myself.

I do indeed have full tort and just want to be aware of where I stand when it comes to the bodily injury claim i am a young mother who has not returned to my INTERNSHIP which is crazy and had to put off starting my next semester due to all the doctor appointments.

I just don't want to be pushed around by the other insurance company PS she was at fault as stated in the police report so my main question is what am I looking at to accept from the insurance company


Hello Girl? Nice name haha,

I am sorry to hear about your accident.

Well, there is not enough information here to tell you what you would be looking at. Usually an attorney can tell you that after looking at your entire case. If you do not want to talk to a lawyer, then it is very important that you review our articles here:

There, you can find information about what you are entitled to and how you should settle. Also, please see all the steps that you should follow here:

It is very important that you understand the entire process and your claim will be evaluated. We recommend this eBook, well worth the investment:

I hope this points you in the right direction.

Good Luck,

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