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How much should the injury settlement be?

by Amy

I was in a car accident it was the other driver's fault my medical bills total 90,000 and lost wages so for 7,000. How much should my settlement be?

Also if the other person insurance coverage is 10,000/15,000/10,000. How can I recover the other amount of medical bills pain suffering lost wages.


Hello Amy,

Wow, well sounds like there is not enough insurance to cover even your medical bills. If the limits they have are 10/15/10, then the most they will pay is $10,000 for property damage and $15,000 for the injury, medical bills, and wage loss.

The settlement is based on all of the things and factors discussed here:

You really need to talk to an attorney to see if there is maybe more insurance somewhere else or maybe stacking applies to the limits (again, talk to a lawyer).

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