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How much should total value should I ask? Can I ask around 7500$ for Hundai 2000 model with low mileage

by Randy

How much should the total loss value should I ask for?

I met up with accident and the other party is at fault. My favorite car is damaged. It was giving very good mileage, had run low miles - 2000 Hyundai 45000 miles. How much total value price can I ask the insurance (of other party)?

Can I ask around $7500 for Hyundai 2000 model with low mileage.

Answer to How much should the total loss value should I ask for?

Hello Randy,

Well, there are not enough facts on your question. What kind of Hyundai do you have? What is its condition? Pristine, Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor? That is a low mileage, but again the condition of the pain, rust, etc. will be important.

Remember that arguments like "it was my favorite car" will not increase the value of your car. It is unfortunate, but it does not raise the value of your car.

These are very important questions you will need to answer to the insurance company of the person that caused the damage.

Please see our section about the total loss process.

Good Luck!
Car Accident Claims

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