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How to make insurance pay

by anna garcia
(Snow Hill NC Green usa)

On February 9,2009 my sister had an accident with an 18 wheeler truck hit my father truck.

My sister was waiting for her light to turn green and the 18 wheeler was trying to make a left turn but his turn was not that wide, that he ended up hitting my sister...

The adjuster have all his investigation done the supervisor of the adjuster said is that my sister was at fault or half of her fault.. I don't understand why? All the witness, pictures and accident report are evidences that she was not at fault.

I think is’t just because they don't want to pay the accident. My sister has an attorney ON ONLY HER MEDICAL...But we don't have an attorney on the property damage..

I tried to get in contact with the adjuster and his supervisor but I think they are avoiding me because every time I try to get In touch with them there are hanging up on me .... do I need to go the insurance commissioner?


Hello Anna,

Well, you are in a difficult position. Legally speaking, the insurance company cannot speak to you. They need to talk to your sister (or who ever the register owner of the car is).

There are however couple of things you can do (or tell your sister to do). Attorneys do not like to deal with the property damage (not money on in for them). However, a good attorney will do this for you as a courtesy. If this attorney is not willing to help you collect, then try to find a lawyer that will.

Believe us, there are many attorneys out there that will help you simply because they can have the business. If you are going to look for a different attorney, it is better to do it sooner rather than later (the more time passes, the more the attorney can charge for work done on the claim before she is fired).

Second. This one attorney must (AS IN THIS IS PART OF THE CLAIM), negotiate, investigate, and settle fault. Fault directly affects the injury claim.

North Carolina will allow the insurance company to deduct her damages for pain and suffering, medical bills, and injury related expenses. This attorney must help with the fault investigation. Again, if she is not helping on this, you need a second opinion from an attorney.

Third: The office of the insurance commissioner will probably not help you in this case (you should try anyway).

They do not entertain fault or liability disputes as they are factually based. They only deal with improper claim handling (they never called you, they never pay the claim, etc). It is more a matter of claim handling than a dispute on their decision.

To learn more about fault, visit:

Good Luck,

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