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How will hitting a wall effect my car insurance?

My car was broken into, and when I went to glass repair place I hit the wall pulling into their garage.

I received an estimate for my damages from maaco, and this was 1700. Both of my insurance liabilities are 1000. I am 24, no tickets or accident history.

I'm curious about the impact this will have on my insurance premium.

Could I say it was damaged overnight?

Answer to How will hitting a wall effect my car insurance?


These are two different claims. They you will have two hits in your policy. The firs tone will be a comprehensive claim (theft – vandalism), the second is a collision (hitting a wall).

This means that you are subject to two deductibles. Can you say it was damaged overnight? No, if that is not what happened, you must be honest.

About your premium, it will go up! However, it may not go up enough not discourage form filing the claims. Talk to your agent before you file.

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