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I did not have a copy of the auto insurance policy

by Linda
(Lansing MI USA)

I had an accident, only my car and myself. There was a police report and witnesses. The car was towed by flat bed to a collision repair shop. I needed the car back right away as this is my only means of transportation.

The repair shop did some of the repairs so I could drive the car. The inspector viewed the car after some of the repairs were done. Insurance co will not pay for those repairs. I gave them copies of all the reports including the repair list and amounts.

I did not know their policy. but, they don't care, they will not pay.

How do I get them to pay for the damages prior to inspection?


Hello Linda,

Well, the insurance company has a right to inspect, however, there is no exclusion (none that we have seen) where an insurance company can simply not pay because there was a repair done prior inspection. They can dispute the value, but the burden to show that there was a prior damage is on the insurance company, not you.

Talk to a lawyer.

Good Luck,

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