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I Got A Settlement FAR Above What I Could Have Done on My Own

by Kerri Knox

Thanks Hector,

My husband bought your book after I was in a car accident. It was a minor accident that was 100% the other driver's fault, but I did get injured and required chiropractic care and minor pain medication and was inconvenienced for several months.

After I was finished with medical care, the other driver's insurance company offered me $4500. With $2000 in medical expenses, that would have been only $2500 in damages. Before I got your book, I would have simply accepted their offer because I wouldn't have known any better.

But following your instructions, I made a counteroffer of about $20,000 and over a period of months we negotiated to $11,500- an increase of $7000 thanks to the clear and detailed instructions in your book. All that without a lawyer, without having to go to court or even threaten a lawsuit. Thanks a bunch for giving me that 'insider' information. I couldn't have done it without your book.


Kerri Knox, RN

Easy Immune


You make me smile :) Thank you for the nice comment!

Here is a link to the book again:

Settle Your Own Injury Claim

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