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I have no insurance and another car hit me from behind | What do I do?

by Tanisha

My car was hit in the back my child was in the car.

I have a claim and the insurance trying to pay my child 750.00 for her pain and suffering but the accident happen in Oct. 2012 and she has back pain and still has it so I am wondering is that too low.

The guy was at fault and there was a police repot made and she had to go to her primary care doctor and the insurance said the can on pay for the month after when she seen her doctor.

I am wondering is that fair if she still has back pain and it been since Oct. 2012 and now its Jan 2013.

Answer to I have no insurance and another car hit me from behind | What do I do?

Hello Tanisha,

How old is the child?

Well, if your child still has issues, then it is too low. It has been three months and you do not want to settle for something that may flare up later on. They are offering a settlement because they know there are damages.

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