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I have waited for 3 months on my auto claim

by superman

I was in a accident in February. I hire lawyers to help me in this claim.
It turned out that the accident not my fault.

By now 3 months down the road and I’m seeing doctors appointed by lawyer and he tells me that I have to pay my medical when they settle the case.

I still awaiting the check for the property damage on my truck. I found out that the insurance company is AIG. They sent a letter on the repair damage for my truck and thats what the check would be written for, 3 months have past no check yet.

Should I trust my lawyer?


Hello Superman,

Yes, you should trust your lawyer. If you do not, then ask for an explanation of your case or get another one.

Your lawyer really is in the best position to know your case and the best course of action. That is the person you should seek about getting payment for your car also.

Good Luck,

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